James Mather

Film Sound Supervisor
Soho, London United Kingdom

Sounds Like A Great Film

James Mather is one of the top Supervising Sound Editors in the film business with an impressive list of movies to his credit. James started off as an apprentice Film Editor back in the early eighties at HTV Bristol, born and bred in Bristol, working on 35mm dramas. When digital audio first came on the scene he switched to audio from film and the first feature project he worked on was 'Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome'. He now works in London's Soho district. James used the MC Mix on his last two projects, 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' and Guy Richie's 'Sherlock Holmes'.

Changes in Audio Post

The decision making process in audio post these days is far less rigid than it used to be and has become more accommodating, allowing everyone involved to have their say creatively. We’re in a massively transitional period. There is an evolution of roles in post production between the sound edit and the final mix. I’m trying to encourage recognition of the cross over between editing and mixing by pushing for editor's additional mixing credits on the films where the tracks have been largely predubbed in the cutting room.

Artist Mix in the Sound Supervision Process

The Artist Mix adds the dimension that you’re editing and mixing at the same time which is really what we are being charged with these days as everything is done in 5.1. The overall impression is that using the Artist Mix heightens ones awareness of dB and frequency. By also improving fader dexterity it is actually enhancing relationships with mixers, through the appreciation of these critical factors. The Artist Series range is a great addition as it feels like we’re tying the cutting room and theatre together.

I also really like the way it handles plug-ins, nothing else has the kind of feel the Artist Mix has.  It’s been very easy to get working and use, although I’m sure I’m not pushing it to its limit! I’m an editor and I need the basics really. It’s all there.